Monday, July 22, 2024

Manufacturers should not focus solely on EV technology, BMW CEO Says

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Currently, various car manufacturers are competing to present vehicles with engines that have low emissions. They do various strategies to be able to present environmentally friendly vehicles.

However, in contrast to the German luxury manufacturer, namely BMW. The German automotive manufacturer has even warned that the company should not rely too much on the electric vehicle (EV) strategy, whose market depends only on certain countries.

BMW Chief Executive Officer Oliver Zipse said there were still many countries that needed and sold cars with conventional combustion engines. “We have to be careful because at the same time, you are increasing dependence on very few countries,” Zipse said.

He also highlighted that the supply of electric vehicle batteries is still largely controlled by China. “If someone can’t buy an EV for some reason but needs a car, would you rather ask him to continue using his old car? If you don’t sell combustion engines anymore, someone else will,” says Zipse.

However, Zipse said manufacturers must also innovate by creating conventional combustion engines that are efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Companies also need to organize raw material management so that their production becomes more efficient to reduce prices. One option that can be done is to intensify the recycling program.

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