Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Lucid Motors Enhances In-Car Audio Experience Through Partnership with TuneIn

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In a move aimed at elevating the in-car audio experience for Lucid Motors’ Air owners, TuneIn is deepening its collaboration with the luxury electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. Lucid Air owners, both current and prospective, will now have the opportunity to enjoy TuneIn Premium content directly from their electric vehicles.

Under this partnership, Lucid owners will gain access to TuneIn Premium through an extended 90-day free trial period. This offer will grant Lucid Air owners access to a wealth of commercial-free content, including news, live sports broadcasts, audiobooks, and other premium audio offerings. While TuneIn has not officially disclosed any discounted monthly rates for Lucid owners, information on their website indicates that the Premium tier of their service is priced at $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

For those Lucid Air owners who opt not to subscribe to TuneIn Premium, the ad-supported free service will remain accessible.

Mike Bell, Senior Vice President of Digital at Lucid Group, expressed the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Lucid is dedicated to providing an exceptional driving experience, and our collaboration with TuneIn is a significant step forward in enhancing our customer offerings. By incorporating TuneIn Premium service, we aim to elevate the in-car entertainment experience, offering a smooth and enjoyable audio streaming service that aligns perfectly with Lucid’s focus on innovation and quality.”

One notable advantage of integrating TuneIn into Lucid vehicles, whether through the free service or the Premium tier, is the ability for owners to access AM radio stations. This feature addresses a common limitation in many EVs, where AM radio signals can be hindered by interference from the vehicle’s batteries.

TuneIn, a widely available audio service operating in over 100 countries and accessible across more than 200 devices and vehicles, has firmly established itself as a preferred choice for audio streaming. Notably, TuneIn’s presence extends to Tesla vehicles as well, further cementing its reputation as a versatile audio platform that can be accessed through various voice assistants and smart speakers. This partnership underscores Lucid Motors’ commitment to enhancing the overall driving experience for its EV owners.

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