Lightyear 0 solar electric car : specifications, price and range

lightyear one in production - Lightyear 0 solar electric car : specifications, price and range

with the help of solar panels are not new, considering that previously there were several manufacturers who had the same idea.

The car with solar panels is also the basis of an electric car produced by a Dutch start-up company, Lightyear.

The Lightyear 0 is an electric car with a drag coefficient (Cd) rate as low as 0.19, making it the most aerodynamic family car compared to the Mercedes EQXX concept model.

At 5,000 mm in length, this provides Lightyear with space to install 5 square meters of solar panels so that the Model 0 can be charged using only the sun.

With solar panels 0 can cover a distance of 11,000 km per year, or 70 km a day in hot weather conditions (10 km for each hour of charge), or about 35 km / day in cloudy weather.

Even 0 is said to last up to a seven month term in hot climate countries. capacity hasn’t been announced yet, but the Lightyear is capable of offering an operating of 625 km (according to WLTP data) by supporting domestic (32 km per hour), AC charging (200 km per hour) and fast charging up to 520 km per hour.

Thanks to the use of electric motor technology on the wheels, the is claimed to have the most energy efficient train, with energy consumption of around 10.5 kWh for every 100 km.

For cabin space, there is a 10.1-inch touchscreen that supports over-the-air updates, as well as the use of completely animal-free upholstery that uses natural source textiles such as upholstery wrapped in microfiber suede and rattan upholstery.

Lightyear only produces 946 units of Lightyear 0. Despite offering savings in daily use, the Lightyear 0 will cost €250,000 (which amounts to approximately $263,262 USD)