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Lexus teases slick electric sports cars in major EV preview

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Toyota Motor Corporation announced a step forward to provide a wide selection of battery-based electric vehicle (BEV) products.

Toyota’s luxury brand, namely Lexus, also introduced four new BEV products that will be sold later. The product introduced this time is Toyota’s focus to provide carbon neutral vehicles to the market.

Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, said that his party plans to issue 30 BEV products in 2030 consisting of various models. For Lexus, there are four products on display, consisting of 1 Lexus RZ and three still concepts.

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“As a pioneer of hybrid vehicles, Lexus is also updating its electrified vehicle technology. Now Lexus is starting to enter a new phase,” he said at the Media Briefing on Battery EV Strategies, Tuesday (12/14/2021).

At the event, a video was shown of Akio Toyoda trying out the latest Lexus BEV, the Lexus RZ with the President of Lexus International Chief Branding Officer Koji Sato.

“Lexus Electrified, takes the potential of vehicles through electification technology. We provide a unique driving feeling such as linear acceleration, deceleration, handling that pursues driving pleasure,” said Koji Sato.

Koji believes that the BEV will become a symbol of Lexus in the future. Lexus’ BEV will also go to the next level, namely developing the Sport BEV. “With the proportions and low vehicle height, it is very essential for a sports car. It displays a unique driving feel and becomes a model that symbolizes the future of Lexus,” he said.

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Lexus claims that the electric sports car being developed will have a cruising range of more than 700 km. Akio Toyoda added, Sport BEV Lexus also took inspiration from the development of the Lexus LFA Supercar. “Lexus will evolve into a BEV-focused brand,” said Akio Toyoda.

At the event, three Lexus concept cars consisted of a sports car, a sedan, and a fairly large SUV. Later in 2030, the Lexus product line is all BEV and sales are 100 percent BEV in Europe, North America and China with a total of 1 million units globally.

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