Lancia Ready to Launch Three Electric Vehicles in Segment B

Lancia ELectric Car - Lancia Ready to Launch Three Electric Vehicles in Segment B

’ subsidiary, , is officially working on the market by gradually launching three electric cars in segment B.

This strategy was carried out by Lancia to catch up with other car companies that had already launched electric cars.

This production will also transform Lucia’s transformation into one of Europe’s largest brands. “Lancia is ready to take its first steps towards becoming a respected premium segment brand in Europe,” said Luca Napolitano, Chief Executive Officer of Lancia.

Napolitano said, the three electric cars made by Lucia will not be released simultaneously, but in stages. According to the Electrive website, the first production of the Lucia electric vehicle will begin in 2024, with the introduction of the Lancia Ypsilon as a B-segment vehicle in Europe.

Although the is reluctant to divulge the specifications of the Lancia Ypsilon series, the circulating says that the shape of this vehicle will be designed to resemble the Fiat 500, with a body length of about 4 meters, accompanied by an electrified drive.

In 2026 Lucia will again launch an exclusive flagship vehicle. Lancia did not mention the name of the new flagship, but based on rumors this second series vehicle will be named Aurelia.

While the last series of EV vehicles called the Lancia Delta will start rolling out in 2028, this launch will also mark Lucia’s full transformation as an electric vehicle manufacturer.

Lucia will build around 100 authorized dealers in 60 major European cities including Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and . With this plan, Lucia will also be able to elevate Stellantis’ position as an automotive manufacturer in the premium vehicle segment.