Monday, July 22, 2024

Kia EV9 Markups Soar, Pushing Prices To Nearly $85k

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Kia’s sixty-second Super Bowl commercial showcasing the EV9 has sparked concerns over potential dealer markups, with estimates suggesting the ad’s airtime could cost around $14 million.

Following the commercial’s airing, scrutiny arose regarding dealer pricing, revealing instances of vehicles listed for several thousand dollars above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Notably, Koons Kia, with locations in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Owings Mills, Maryland, has been identified as one of the dealerships engaging in substantial markups.

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At the Woodbridge location, a $77,110 EV9 GT-Line is listed at $83,105, exceeding MSRP by $5,995. Similarly, their Owings Mills outlet has priced a $75,235 EV9 Land at $82,235, marking a $7,000 difference.

However, Koons Kia is not alone in this practice, as Roseville Kia in California also lists a $78,925 EV9 GT-Line for $82,425, along with another model priced at $81,235, despite its sticker price of $77,735. Interestingly, both vehicles recently saw a $4,000 price reduction.

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While some dealerships exhibit blatant markups, others offer the EV9 at MSRP or even below. For instance, Ourisman Kia in Virginia lists various EV9s for $3,750 below MSRP, including a $60,920 EV9 Light Long Range priced at $57,170. Additionally, Cornerstone Kia in Minnesota offers an EV9 GT-Line at $4,750 below sticker price.

The disparities in pricing underscore the importance of consumer diligence, with potential savings amounting to thousands of dollars. Despite instances of inflated prices, there are dealerships offering competitive rates or even discounts below MSRP.

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