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Iveco Bus Crossway LE Hybrid CNG win the Sustainable Bus Awards 2023 Intercity

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Italian commercial vehicle manufacturer Iveco was awarded the ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year 2023’ in the intercity category, for Crossway Low Entry Hybrid Natural Gas, biomethane compatible, bus. This is the third title won by Iveco Bus which includes the renewable fuel version XTL (X-To-Liquid), after previously winning awards for ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year 2018’ and ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year 2020′.

The award jury panel consisted of seven representatives from major European magazines. In awarding the title, the judges evaluate factors such as safety, comfort, noise level, recyclable components and the manufacturer’s sustainability commitment as well as the ability to build a good image of the public vehicles it serves.

“Crossway Low Entry Hybrid Natural Gas buses are an alternative for areas or cities that want to provide a transportation solution that is fully compatible with energy transition projects. This provides fuel savings of up to 15% compared to the diesel variant and CO2 emission reductions of up to 84% with renewable fuels,” said President Bus Business Unit, Iveco Group, Domenico Nucera. 10/2022).

According to Domenico, Iveco Bus has also launched its collaboration with transit technology company Via, offering the first customers in Italy to purchase through a dealer network with customized software to accommodate transport solutions.

“Both partners will continue to explore the possibility of developing easy-to-implement solutions for public transport authorities and operators ranging from demand-responsive transport to autonomous public transport powered by alternative energy. Also being evaluated are opportunities for autonomous transport on demand,” he said.

This third award, said Dominico, reaffirms Iveco Bus’ position as a European leader in the intercity segment and underscores Iveco Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility. Together with the first results of the partnership with Via, the company proved that IVECO BUS continues to pursue an evolution from a traditional business to a future characterized by trends that are revolutionizing the passenger transport sector, such as energy transitions and new business models.

Featuring hybrid technology developed in close collaboration with Voith, the Crossway Low Entry hybrid is equipped with a 48V battery coupled to the Voith DIWA NXT gearbox and Cursor 9 CNG engine.

Meanwhile the DIWA NXT Gearbox is combined with a powerful 35 kW electric motor, serving as a starter and generator to recover the kinetic energy accumulated during the deceleration and braking phases, with a high-energy LTO battery (48 V) mounted on the roof. The electric motor supports the Cursor 9 CNG engine during the initial phase. These buses are available in Class I (12-m length) for city use and Class II (12 & 13-m length) for suburban use.

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