Invisible Urban Charging rolls out more than 6,000 chargers for electric vehicles in Florida

Invisible Urban Charging

Auckland-based Invisible (IUC) will roll out more than 6,000 EV chargers at commercial locations and parking lots in Florida over the coming months.

Partnering with Lincoln Property Co., they will be the first company to build an EV for all models.

According to reports, the number is double the IUC promised, after all models are used. IUC will also be the operator of EV chargers in the region.

“The EV charging infrastructure is a key piece of the puzzle that will accelerate the shift to electric transport,” said Nigel Broomhall, CEO of .

The IUC explained that it will sign contracts with several stakeholders ranging from real estate owners, developers, parking lot operators to other clients who will pay the company a monthly fee once the charger is installed.

Broomhall said that by building 6,000 EV chargers, the company aims to encourage more people to use to improve air quality and eliminate climate-related oil dependence.

Later, if any driver wants to use the EV charger, they can pay for it through the IUC charging application. The development will also make IUC the largest charger company in Florida.

The initial phase involves 3,827 chargers being installed over the next 12 months in Florida, primarily in the Orlando and Tampa areas, with at least 50 chargers available at each location, according to the company.