Monday, July 22, 2024

Indigo FLOW and FLOW PLUS will launch rideshare and delivery market

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Indigo Technologies will introduce two of their new vehicles for the ideshare and delivery markets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Indigo Technologies is an EV startup based in Massachusetts.

The two vehicles are named Indigo FLOW and FLOW PLUS. Both types of electric vehicles introduce the Robot Wheel innovation which allows the vehicle to be driven smoother, wider and operate at a lower cost than other vehicles in its class.

Indigo claims FLOW and FLOW PLUS will be serious challengers to the Toyota Rav4 and Ford Transit Connect.

The Indigo FLOW and FLOW PLUS will provide over 250 miles of range on just a 40kWh battery. The Indigo FLOW has a low flat floor that provides more storage space than other vehicles. Active suspension on each wheel makes for great ride comfort at an affordable price that people will love.

Indigo introduces Volker Kaese, former Head of Audi Innovation Product Management, as Indigo’s Chief Technology Officer. Kaese, who led the development of the Volkswagen XL1 (310 MPG) and Audi e-tron, is expected to bring more than 20 years of vehicle innovation to spearhead the Indigo vehicle program.

Also joining Indigo are Eric Obers, former design lead at Porsche and Lucid, and Hugh Robinson, former Porsche and General Motors, to lead design for the FLOW product line.

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