Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Hyundai to Make Electric Vehicles Driving Experience Like Cars With ICE

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Electric vehicles are recognized to offer a much quieter, more environmentally friendly and vibration-free driving experience. However, the character of electric car power is still far from the characteristics of a car with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

Based on the discovery of patent registration documents revealed by The Drive, Hyundai still wants to meet the needs of consumers who are familiar with ICE cars, even though the car does not have an internal combustion engine.

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Based on the patent, Hyundai describes a simulation system that can mimic the characteristics of an internal combustion engine such as the sound of shifting gears, engine vibration when idling, and shifting gears in an EV through audio playback on the speaker, display of visual data (RPM, gears), and vibrations generated by the engine. generated from the motor.

In fact, depending on the user’s settings and preferences, Hyundai can also create an EV that mimics the properties of a pure petrol-engined car, or a turbocharged car!

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Simply put, Hyundai wants an EV similar to an internal combustion engine, with settings that can be changed at any time, so that driving an EV is no longer boring.

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