Hyundai Ioniq 6 electric sedan – here’s what’s new

Hyundai Ioniq 6 electric sedan

’s newest electric car, the , has just been introduced. This electric car in the form of a coupe sedan is based on the concept car which was introduced in 2020.

This car actually still has the same base as the , which is currently Hyundai’s mainstay in the electric car segment.

In an official release published by Hyundai, Sang Yup as Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Design Center said that the 6 comes by connecting the emotional convergence between functionality and aesthetics. With this Ethical Uniqueness design theme, Hyundai will connect this streamlined car design with the use of that may not have existed in other cars.

“With this sleek and distinctive car design from reliable designers and engineers from Hyundai, making this Ioniq 6 comes with an obsessive attention to several details that will indeed put forward a much different technology. So that later Ioniq 6 will have its own face in terms of technology, “said Yup.

itself from the beginning used a human-centric concept when this car was first developed. With the use of interior and exterior made simultaneously, making Ioniq 6 comes with all the different technological innovations. Starting from the use of a low nose, thin digital side mirrors, and an elliptical spoiler that gives this electric car a more “high tech” impression.

At the bottom, Hyundai also optimizes the aerodynamics of the car with the use of an optimized deflector. Do not miss the wheel arch distance which is much smaller to support the streamlined design and technology applied in the Ioniq 6.

Another use of the latest technology that is first present in this car is the use of more than 700 parametric pixels on various sides of the car. For example, such as headlights, rear combination lights, front bottom sensors, air vent decorations, and center console indicators that will make the Ioniq 6 have a characteristic and seem to be very different from the Ioniq 5.

Other technologies in this car such as the Parametric Pixel Hugh-Mounted Stop Lamp on the rear wing which makes the light that comes out when the car is braked looks attractive. And don’t miss it, the slanted Hyundai or H badge is also designed by applying it to the front and back of the car.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 itself uses a called the Electric Global Modular Platform or E-GMP which is designed to allow for a wider interior space and create various technologies that help develop even more refined technologies. So it’s no wonder that the presence of the Ioniq 6 is eagerly awaited considering that many are curious about what other innovations Hyundai wants to bring to other electric car technologies.