Hybrid cars and cars with internal combustion have a higher fire risk than electric vehicles

A study from Autoinsuranez said that hybrid and car cars with conventional machines have a greater fire risk when compared to electric cars. This study was conducted after several incidents of accidents involving electric vehicles in the world increased.

In the Autoinsurancez report, in 2021, there were only 52 electric cars burned in the United States (US). While the hybrid car fire incident reached 16,051 units that were burned and vehicles with conventional machines were 199,533 units.

The amount above can be understood considering the vehicle with more conventional machines than electric or hybrid vehicles.

But when viewed from the number of sales, vehicle fire levels with conventional machines of 1,529.9 per 100,000 sales. While for hybrid cars and electric cars each 3,474.7 and 25.1 per 100,000 sales.

Things that often make vehicles with conventional engine burns are collisions that break the fuel channel or fuel tank. While hybrid vehicles and electricity experiences fires due to burning batteries and are usually very difficult to extinguish.

From the study the electric car has a fire risk, but the risk is much lower than the hybrid car and conventional engine vehicles.


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