Here is Why do Electric Vehicles Have Large Torque

Hyundai IONIQ 5 1 - Here is Why do Electric Vehicles Have Large Torque

Known to have instant power, this is because electric cars have large .

In configuration on paper, electric cars have great power performance when compared to fuel cars.

Even the torque that is owned can also compensate and even exceed the turbo engine car. This is because the drivetrain of uses a single acceleration transmission and an electric motor that is directly connected to the drive wheels via the drive shaft.

The more compact construction makes electric cars have less power loss.

Because at least the components that connect the distribution of power to the drive wheels. So that electric power can generate power almost instantly without pause.

Unlike the fuel car that has a pause or combustion process from the engine speed.

The inverter that transmits electric current from the to the electric motor can transmit the energy completely. Depending on the amount of throttle needed to drive.