Giga Shanghai has started double-shift production, report says

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai - Giga Shanghai has started double-shift production, report says

(Screenshot of a Tesla China video.)

has added a second shift to increase their vehicle production at the Giga, according to a cnevpost report.

Dual shifts took effect at the Shanghai Giga on May 23, the report said, citing a Tesla insider. Previously using a one-shift system since returning to production on April 19 due to limited staff and issues.

Production at is still on a closed loop basis. Output is essentially the same as before the Covid levels, and is expected to return to full normal levels next month, the report said.

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Prior to the lockdown in Shanghai due to Covid 19, Giga Shanghai used a three shift production system and operated on a 7*24 basis, with a capacity of nearly 20,000 units per week.

Giga Shanghai was expected to reach production capacity to pre-Covid lockdown levels in mid-May, but the plan has suffered some delays due to supply chain issues.

Giga Shanghai halted production as Shanghai entered a phased lockdown starting March 28 and officially began resuming production on April 19. The plant is estimated to have lost about 50,000 units of production during the lockdown.