Monday, July 22, 2024

Genesis X Convertible Concept photos gallery

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Genesis is back by showing off the form of the Genesis X Convertible with a luxurious design. The luxury of this model can be immediately seen from the long bonnet and short front overhang because the Quad Lights are complete with the Genesis’ signature LED light bar.

This concept is not much different from that of the Speedium X Concept which has LED lights and crest grille. To keep the powertrain cool, there’s a cavity in the bottom of the front bumper.

The rear of the car has LED lights with horizontal thin lines that make this concept car look cute. Likewise with the lip spoiler on the decklid there are indentations that form the letter V.

The profile of this concept car looks elegant and luxurious with the characteristics of a convertible with a roof that can be opened. The existence of a transparent moon roof can also spoil the front passengers.

Inside, the Genesis blends the instrument panel with a mix of recyclable wool and leather fabrics. Likewise, the immersive audio system developed by sound master Guk-il Yu makes this concept car more complete.

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