Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Genesis Announces Pricing for 2024 Genesis GV60 : Cheaper RWD Model With Boosted 294 Miles Of Range at $ 52,000

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Genesis, the luxury automotive brand, has recently disclosed pricing details for its upcoming 2024 GV60 lineup. The headline-grabber is the introduction of a new base-level trim, the GV60 RWD, which starts at an enticing $52,000, excluding a $1,195 delivery fee. Beyond its competitive pricing, this new model promises an impressive range of up to 294 miles (473 km) on a single full charge.

The GV60 RWD represents a remarkable 19 percent increase in range compared to the longest-range version of the 2023 GV60. This release also marks a significant discount from the outgoing 2023 GV60 Advanced AWD, which started at a higher base price of $59,290 (excluding destination charges).

Under the hood, the RWD version employs a 168 kW (225 hp) electric motor paired with a 77kWh battery, aligning itself with other Hyundai-Kia electric products like the EV6 and Inoiq 5. While it does lose some horsepower compared to the AWD version, the GV60 RWD doesn’t appear to skimp on standard features.

Genesis has confirmed that the GV60 RWD will still be equipped with a pair of 12.3-inch displays for infotainment and driver information screens. Additional features include a heads-up display, 19-inch wheels, rain-sensing wipers, power-adjustable front seats, and even fingerprint authentication. Notably, the previous base model, the GV60 Advanced AWD, now comes with a slightly higher price tag of $60,550.

For those who prefer the AWD version, it continues to feature a combination of a 74 kW front motor and a 160 kW rear motor, along with a 77.4 kWh battery pack. The total system horsepower remains unchanged at 314 hp (234 kW). This variant also boasts leather upholstery, 20-inch wheels, Smart cruise control, and a Bang & Olufsen Premium Audio system, while offering a range of up to 248 miles (399 km) on a single charge.

Completing the 2024 GV60 lineup is the Performance AWD variant, which features a pair of 160 kW motors, one on each axle, delivering a robust total output of 429 hp (320 kW). With a starting price of $69,550, it maintains the same 235-mile (378 km) range as its 2023 counterpart.

In a rapidly evolving electric vehicle market, Genesis appears to be making a significant stride with the GV60 RWD by offering extended range at an attractive price point.

Model MSRP* 2023MY
2024 GV60 Standard RWD $52,000 N.A.
2024 GV60 Advanced AWD $60,550 +$1,260
2024 GV60 Performance AWD $69,550 +$1,260
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