Ford patents hands-free charging technology for electric vehicles

Ford has launched an electric car in the form of an F-150 Lightning pickup in the United States. But just releasing an EV car is not enough if you haven’t made the special technology. Ford is known to have patented hands-free technology for charging electric cars. I do not know whether they will present it on the pickup model or not.

It may sound strange, because there is no such hands-free technology as of now. Moreover, most of the charging on electric cars still rely on cables. But this is precisely what is used as an opportunity for Ford to develop innovations to make it easier to charge EV or PHEV cars.

They want to apply hands-free technology to charge electric cars. So it’s a bit similar to wireless charging for cellphones, only this one is made specifically for pure electric cars or plug in hybrids. Although Tesla has also introduced a similar concept, namely the autonomous robotic charging snake, it has never materialized until now.

But Ford’s patented technology is quite different from Tesla’s, where the manufacturer’s charging port is still needed. Even so, there will be no more cables to plug into electric cars or PHEVs, making it easier and more practical to use. Moreover, users do not need to bother getting out of the car just plugging the power cable into the car.

But this is a new patent, and Ford is not sure if they can bring it in any time soon. Moreover, it is not clear whether this technology can be applied to environmentally friendly products, such as the F-150 Lightning. However, because this model is quite popular in the US, there is a possibility that this model will get it.

Ford only has one EV model, let alone a pickup model. Even so, they have the capital to fight the Tesla Cybertruck and other d-cab pickups.

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