Ferrari will never make self-driving car

Ferrari EV - Ferrari will never make self-driving car

While many manufacturers are starting to improve self-driving technology in their cars, intends to limit its self-driving capabilities to Level 2 in order to maintain the “feel” and driving experience.

“Ferrari will limit the autonomy of its cars to L2/L2+, in order to retain all the great emotions provided to our drivers,” said a company spokesperson.

We can understand why Ferrari wants to take care of the feelings of the drivers while driving their cars. However, limiting the availability of this kind of technology could potentially limit the appeal of their cars in the era of cars with sophisticated technology.

Honestly, it does feel quite strange to imagine if a car like the SF90 could drive itself. What’s the point of having a great , but we just sit and look at the view while the car is speeding.

If you are confused what is meant by this “Level”? To add clarity to the capabilities of technology, the Society of Automotive Engineers designed a system consisting of six levels ranging from 0 to 5. Level 0 is no self-driving feature, and the highest is Level 5 where the car is completely self-driving without the need for a driver. .

In the case of Ferrari, Level 2 is defined as a system that provides support for steering, brakes, acceleration, to other steering assist technologies such as sensors and lane assist.