Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Faraday Future confirm 381-mile EPA range certified for FF 91 electric SUV

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Faraday FF ​​91 Luxury EV is not sure when it will start production. But the model is now EPA certified. The California-based startup has also announced that its first vehicle is officially certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an eco-friendly car with a range rating of 381 miles (613 kilometers). In its press release, the EV startup says this range rating is based on the FF 91 model complete with 22-inch wheels.

Faraday Future claims the rating is a significant improvement from the company’s previous estimate of 300+ miles and makes the FF 91 “a long-distance leader in the luxury electric vehicle market.” The company seems to have easily forgotten about the Range Lucid Air Dream Edition, an electric luxury car that has an EPA of 520 miles.

“The confirmation of our 381 miles of range by the EPA is truly exciting news for FF and validates what we know about the FF 91. The segment-leading FF 91 will be the first high-end, high-performance, luxurious, and smart and sophisticated EV to be released. will reset customer expectations for the driver and passenger experience,” said Carsten Breitfeld, CEO of Global Faraday Future, in a blog post.

The company’s head Honcho added that the EPA certification is a “big step for this car in the hands of our users.”

According to the company’s website, the Faraday Future FF 91 boasts 1,050 horsepower (783 kilowatts) of three electric motors that help accelerate the car from zero to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 2.39 seconds. The battery capacity is 130 kWh which is known to be economical.

Designed in Los Angeles and engineered in Los Angeles and China, the FF 91 is currently in pre-production for testing and validation purposes at the FF ieFactory California in Hanford. Earlier this month, Faraday Future said it plans to start production of the series and deliveries to customers before the end of the year.

Fans should remain skeptical of the statement given that FF 91 has been delayed many times since 2017 when it was first launched. In addition, the company’s financial situation is very dangerous. On August 26, Faraday Futures announced that its cash balance had fallen to just US$47.2 million, down at the US$276 million reported at the end of Q1.

But when they tried to open an investment, this startup was actually hit by bad rumors because of the issue of death threats against their executives. This issue has hampered investment plans and the company’s finances are now uncertain.

The startup has now opened preorders for the mid-range FF 91 Futurist model, and is asking for a down payment (DP) of US$1,500 for anyone interested.

Faraday will be able to launch its FF91 luxury vehicle without additional funding

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