Everything You should know about Noordung electric bike

Noordung electric bike

Noordunge- was just launched at the Eurobike 2022 event. This new has a variety of advanced features, such as an air pollution sensor, Bluetooth-connected speaker, and a power bank built into its Boombox. The can provide an assist of 60 km on a single charge.

The Noordung is a visually appealing urban bike that is quite light at around 20.8 kg with its Boombox. The Air pollution sensor feature can help you detect air pollution on the move and the data is fed into a decentralized air pollution data network.

In addition to the air sensor, there are four high-fidelity speakers in the Boombox that can be connected via Bluetooth. Its electric hub motor can provide power to the electric pedals/pedalec and its 300Wh offers assistance with a range of up to 60km. With the Noordung 100W charger, the e-bike can be fully charged in three hours.

The detachable Boombox section also functions as a power bank for charging devices. You can also disable any assist while driving. The accompanying smartphone app provides travel information as well as air pollution status.

You can plan each of your trips to follow the route that is least polluted by air pollution for a healthier and more refreshing driving experience. The bike has an integrated electronic lock for better security as well as a smartphone mount.

In addition, this electric bike has a frame made of carbon fiber, so it looks very futuristic but still looks elegant and you can easily control the bike using intuitive one-button settings.

This e-bike companion app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Noordung E-bike is currently available for pre-order and is priced at €6,990 ($7,105).