Everything You should know about Kymco Like EV

Kymco Like 125 EV Electric Scooter Specifications, Range and Prices

Looking at the appearance, at first glance there is no difference from the Like 150i version. Understandably, Like EV is based on the Like 150i with an internal combustion engine.

Like the shape of the body, the design of the lights, to the legs that are used are identical, but the difference is that this motorbike uses components in the style of an electric motor.

As a typical marker of the electric variant, the color is whitewashed with light blue accents on the rear stirrup and body trim like in the lamp area.

Now peeking at the specifications, Kymco Like EV has an electric motor with a power of 3,200 watts or the equivalent of 4.5 hp but a large torque of 124 Nm!

What’s interesting is the , this bike has a lot of according to the needs of the rider.

The first is the core battery with a specification of 50V/10,5 Ah. This battery core can be relied on when the removable battery is being charged, while the motor will still be used for short distances.

While the other battery is a removable battery with specifications 50V/13Ah. Its position is under the seat and has 3 slots.

If the three removable battery slots and the core battery are used simultaneously, Kymco via its official website claims this scooter can go up to 200 km.

For an electric motorbike, the Like EV is light in weight because it only weighs about 110 kg.

Just like the Like 150i, the instrument panel design is similar and has a smartphone connectivity feature called Kymco Noodoe.

In Europe, the 2022 costs around €1,200.