Everything You should know about Formula E tires

Formula E Tire 4 - Everything You should know about Formula E tires

If we watch Formula 1, we are sometimes confused by the color of the that change. The color adjustment on the tires is done according to the conditions and strategies of each team. White for hard tires, yellow for medium, red for soft, blue for wet tires, and green for slippery tracks.

However, this is different from , which turns out to only have one type of compound. Pilot Sport EV tires have been used by Formula E cars since the first race in 2014. Measuring 18 inches, the Pilot Sport EV has no hardness or groove variants, there is only one and is used in all track conditions.

Jerome Mondain, Michelin Motorsport Formula E Manager explains. “The idea is to produce as few tires as possible with fewer raw materials. We have to combine the mindset of the spirit of motorsport and the mindset of the road destination.”

This way, each team has 25 percent fewer tires to use in one race, and up to 50 percent fewer in the double-header. This means fewer tires need to be manufactured, shipped and recycled. This is also in line with Formula E’s goal of eco-friendly , and can save 720 tires for one season. It also reduces up to 50 tons of carbon dioxide or CO2.

In addition, Michelin also recycles all tires used in one series. “All our tires after the race go back to the warehouse and are recycled. One of them is used in cement factories as a substitute for fossil fuels, and another example is given on playgrounds and children’s garden floors,” explains Mondain.

Not only that, Michelin recycles it for use in road construction to provide elasticity against expansion and contraction between winter and summer. Thus, the road is not curved and cracked. This certainly helps the road last longer.

This is also supported by one of the Nissan e.dams drivers, Sebastien Buemi. “Michelin uses Formula E and the tires they developed as a laboratory for their road tires, so you can expect to see the we use on race cars in your regular car in the near future,” said Buemi.