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Everything You should know about Chery EQ1

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Chery EQ1 has a very compact size, 3,200 mm long, 1,670 mm wide and 1,550 mm high. The design is quite futuristic, the curve is not too aggressive combined with a crossover style with plastic fenders and a roofrail.

The main lamp model also gets a black finish to make it look sporty, relies on projector technology to increase lighting focus and has adopted LED technology. While the DRL (Day Running Light) lamp is placed on the bumper in a vertical position, unfortunately the turn signal relies on a regular bulb model.

Then for the taillights, it has a simple design that places the lights slightly upwards so you can see the car behind it. Understandably this car is not too big in size, the cool thing is that the taillights also adopt LED technology.

Although small, it turns out that the EQ1 has a built-in panoramic roof with a size large enough, so that the cabin space feels more spacious. The rims are also beautiful, the four-spoke model measures 15 inches with a dual tone finish. The rims are wrapped in 165/65 R15 tires.

Entering the cabin, we are greeted with interior ornaments that match the body color, both door trim, AC grille, dashboard and center panel. Settings can also be made through the steering wheel, not only audio steering, but can also adjust the car’s air conditioner.

The seats are also wrapped in leather with a combination of pink and white, this material also wraps the middle arm rest. Another uniqueness is the electric front passenger seat, so that access to the rear is very practical.

The speedometer also uses a full digital model to display all information about the car. The head unit is large with a TFT screen, and there is an AC control panel at the bottom, there’s even a driving mode button, which is sport.

Transmission settings are made through the rotary lever in the middle. The handbrake uses a button model and is equipped with a parking hold feature. Besides that, there is also a button for hazard lights, even more complete under the armrest, wireless charging is provided.

In a full state, the EQ1 can cover a distance of 301 km. While the electric motor power is around 40 hp and maximum torque is 120 Nm, the maximum speed is 100 kph. There are two kinds of electric charging: fast charging can charge 30-80% in half an hour, and normal charging 5-7 hours.

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