Monday, July 15, 2024

Everything You should know about Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

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The Apple CarPlay & Android Auto features which usually appear as standard features and specifications of modern cars do seem to be increasingly common. However, not all vehicles have this technology.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto are features provided by Apple & Google companies. Makes it easier for drivers to drive safely and comfortably without being distracted by cell phones. So don’t play with your cellphone while driving.

This modern feature can display the appearance of Android and iOS cellphones to the Head Unit, such as Screen Mirroring, which displays the display of smart phones to several types of televisions.

Both have almost the same features. The difference is that Android Auto is specifically for phones that use the Android operating system. While Apple CarPlay is specifically for iOS phones, namely iPhone and iPad.

The working scheme of Apple CarPlay & Android Auto is very simple. Moreover, to activate it only needs to connect the original iPhone or Android USB cable. Generally, Automatically features can be enjoyed on the screen display.

If the screen displays the message “not compatible” then you need to download the Android Auto application on the Play Store. Although the menu transfer process when activating the head unit must be carried out on the monitor screen.

When the head unit is connected, only a few applications can be used. Such as telephone, music, navigation maps, messages, and music. Interestingly, when making phone calls or reading out incoming messages, it can be operated via voice commands to assist in phone calls. As for download applications that are compatible with this feature are Spotify, Podcasts, Beats Radio, iHeartRadio and Stitcher.

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