e.GO Mobile unveiled E.wave X Electric Urban Car, Range up to 149 miles

E.go E.wave X 1 - e.GO Mobile unveiled E.wave X Electric Urban Car, Range up to 149 miles

German car manufacturer E.go presents the . This car offers performance up to more mileage and an updated interior.

The E.wave X features a redesigned bumper with forged intakes, two rally-style headlights, and added front skidplate. To give a crossover feel there are wide fender flares, 18-inch wheels, and a small set of roof rails.

Instead of sharing the interior with the previous model, the E.wave X gets a completely redesigned dashboard with a 23-inch panel. The display houses the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment touchscreen, with hotkeys positioned below it. In addition, the four seats are upholstered in vegan leather, aluminum-style plastic trim, and a wireless charger on the center console.

The E.go E.wave X is equipped with a single motor that produces 107 hp, an increase from the E.go Life version which only 76 hp. Where, this electric car uses rear-wheel drive, offering three modes Eco, Comfort, and Sport.

The new battery gives it a of up to 240 km, in a WLTP urban cycle, which is more than double the 117 km of the regular model, while it is also compatible with 11 kW charging.

Potential buyers can reserve an e-wave X now, with pricing starting at €24,990 (about US$26,395) – there’s currently no word on availability outside of . Deliveries are expected to begin at the end of the year.