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Dongfeng launches $7,800 EV EX1 Pro, range up to 331 km

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After in India the Tata Tiago EV was presented at a price of $ 10,000, now in China there is also a cheap electric vehicle issued by Dongfeng, the EV EX1 Pro.

In China the starting price of the lEV EX1 Pro is RMB 55,700 or a little over $7,800 at current exchange rates. This is a newer version of the EV EX1 already on sale. The main difference between the two models is the battery pack used

The Dongfeng EV EX1 Pro is just the new name of the Renault City K-ZE which is the Chinese version of Dacia Spring, one of the cheapest electric vehicles from Europe. This car is produced by many other companies with different names.

The battery used offers a range of up to 331 km according to CLTC standards, an increase of 10 km from the previous version. From the interior, this car has a larger screen.

For safety, all new EV EX1 Pro models are equipped with airbags. You need to know, for China’s small EV market, most small EVs don’t actually offer airbags.

The interior is simple as in all versions of the Renault City K-ZE with some color combinations and updated upholstery as well.

In terms of technical specifications, it uses a 33 kW electric motor and the battery seems to be upgraded to have a capacity of 27.17 kWh.

The updated model also supports fast charging, which will most likely be a 30 kW CCS – just like in the Dacia. With prices starting at $7,800 and going up to $8,800 for the most expensive version, this is sure to be a popular car.

Dacia Spring: Europe Cheapest Electric Car

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