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District, Aesthetic Electric Motorcycle From Land Moto

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The more widespread the world’s electric vehicle technology makes electric motorcycle products appear. Far away in Cleveland, United States of America, Land, a small manufacturer is trying to play in the electric motorcycle market through its District products.

Conceptually, District is an electric motor built from a focus on craftsmanship and architecture. It can be seen from the design line which is simple but firm. As if there is no wasted space for unnecessary things, typical of electric motors with minimal knick-knacks.

With a standard 1.8kWh battery, the District is only capable of devouring a distance of 48 km once fully charged. However, for riders who want to go further in terms of mileage, there is a choice of batteries up to 5kWh that can be driven up to 128 km once fully charged.

Land Moto District. Photo: Land


With a swappable battery, allowing the rider to quickly swap when the battery is used up. So, if you have this motor we should have two batteries.

Power delivery can also be adjusted with four riding mode options. Starting from the most tame E bike, then there are E mopeds, Power Eco, to Power Max which are full power options.

In the second level mode on the E Moped, the maximum speed that can be achieved is only 59 km / h, while in Power Max mode, the District can reach 102 km / h.

With a maximum power of up to 12kW and an insane torque of up to 370Nm, this bike feels very powerful at a weight of only 60kg.

In terms of ergonomics, the sitting position will tend to be similar to most naked motorbikes with wide handlebars. However, unfortunately this motorbike is not possible to carry passengers because there is no foot peg for tandem at the rear, although the 30-inch motorcycle seat length is still enough for two people.

With three choices of Standard, Street, and Scrambler variants, it allows buyers to choose according to their needs. Don’t be surprised by the price tag, the Standard version costs US $ 7800 (Rp 112 million), Street US $ 8200 (Rp 117 million), and the Scrambler US $ 8100 (Rp 116 million).

Just for the record, all District variants don’t seem to be able to become legal electric motorbikes on domestic highways. Because even though the Street variant is equipped with mirrors, headlights, front and rear turn signals, the presence of a speedometer is nil.

Back to the beginning, Land Moto made the District indeed a motorbike that was intended for fun even though the energy was not kidding. A motorbike made for fun on the off road, around the complex, or just enjoying its aesthetic design in the garage.

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