Monday, July 22, 2024

Canoo Initiates Delivery of Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles to Kingbee as Part of 9,300-Unit Order

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Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Canoo has commenced the delivery of its Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDVs) to commercial van and fleet rental company Kingbee. This marks an early fulfillment of the substantial 9,300-unit order placed by Kingbee in 2022, with the LDV 130 units destined for integration into Kingbee’s rental fleet. Canoo plans to continue deliveries throughout 2024 as production accelerates at its newly established manufacturing facility in Oklahoma.

In an official statement on Wednesday, Canoo’s CEO, Tony Aquila, expressed pride in the increasing presence of Canoo vehicles on American roads, emphasizing their engineering for service industries and optimization for safety, reliability, and comfort. The LDVs are designed to cater to the needs of service workers, providing a competitive edge for commercial fleet companies.

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The sales agreement with Kingbee not only covers the initial 9,300 units but also includes an option for Kingbee to increase its order to 18,600 vehicles as needed. Kingbee intends to upfit, custom wrap, and distribute the LDVs to other companies as part of its work-ready fleet rental service upon receiving the EVs.

Scott Haslam, Kingbee CEO, expressed excitement about assisting fleets in transitioning to electric vehicles and highlighted Kingbee’s role as a flexible option for various fleet sizes. The company looks forward to integrating Canoo’s LDVs into its EV portfolio.

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Although the precise number of units delivered by Canoo is not explicitly stated in the press release, the company has yet to respond to inquiries seeking clarification. Canoo has gradually delivered small volumes of LDVs over the past years, with the latest deliveries originating from its Oklahoma City manufacturing plant. The company has previously supplied specialized LDV versions to NASA for the Artemis missions and tactical versions to the U.S. Army in 2021.

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