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Bowlus Volterra electric travel trailer : Everything you should know

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It’s almost impossible to miss the Bowlus travel trailer when you see it. A polished exterior with an aero-minded retro style is offset by a truly modern interior.

Bowlus claims it is the world’s first electric RV. There are also electric concepts and other trailers featuring pure electric power, but the Bowlus could be the first to market with something that can be purchased.

To that end, Bowlus also says Volterra is the first travel trailer to feature an induction cooktop, and the first to feature integrated high-speed satellite internet.

Underpinning all of this is the new battery system from Bowlus which is said to be the most advanced in the industry.

Its lithium-ion phosphate battery system holds 17 kWh, double that available in the company’s Terra Firma trailer. If the customer is towing with an electric vehicle, the Volterra can be connected to the car for charging while driving.

On the other hand, if the trailer is loaded but the car is off, about 65 miles is available for emergency use. There is also 420 watts of diesel in the system called AeroSolar, which is designed for use when the trailer is stationary or moving. It doesn’t even need to be setup.

On the inside, the Volterra is a standard edition Bowlus with accommodations for four adults. The company offers a range of limited-edition colors for the special edition, and of course has a full bathroom and kitchen.

The trailer carries 50 gallons of fresh water, 31 gallons of gray water, and if the customer really can’t get away from propane, the Volterra can be equipped with an LP system for cooking and heating.

Talking about the price, Bowlus priced Volterra starting from 310,000 US Dollars.

Bowlus Volterra electric travel trailer photos gallery

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