BMW X4 may be replaced by BMW IX4 electric SUV

BMW X4 may be replaced by BMW IX4 electric SUV

As it is known that the X4 is a coupe-shaped SUV or crossover version of the X3. Just like the even version, the BMW X4 also targets a market that prioritizes the emotional level rather than the rational in choosing a car. But in the midst of BMW’s incessant entry into the car segment, the X4 will most likely not be continued anymore.

As reported by BMWBLOG and quoted by Motor1 on Sunday (18/9/2022), BMW has actually prepared the latest generation of X4 with the body code G46. However, what happens is likely to fail and will be replaced by an with a similar body base. In addition, BMWBLOG mentions that BMW will not get enough demand to produce cars with conventional combustion engines in the next few years.

From one internal BMW also mentioned that it would prepare the iX4 with a pure electric car configuration as a replacement for the X4. The iX4 will soon enter production at the Debrecen factory, Hungary starting in November 2026. Later, the iX4 will be based on the latest specifically for the Neun Klasse electric car, which uses a Gen6 round .

One of the benefits of using this platform with a Gen6 battery is that it is claimed to be able to reduce the overall weight of the car by up to 20%. And no less important, the cost of producing this car can also be reduced to a minimum. And CO2 emissions resulting from the production process of this car are also claimed to have decreased by 60% compared to other cars. And the use of this Gen6 battery is also claimed to be 80% more durable and can be used for at least 10 years.

The current BMW X4 that is still being sold is the second generation with the body code G02 which has been around since 2018. The BMW X4 xDrive30i M Sport uses a 2,000 cc, 4 cylinder turbo engine that produces 252 hp and 350 Nm of torque that transmits power to all wheels or XDrive with an 8 Speed ​​automatic transmission from ZF.

We’ll see if the BMW X4 is really discontinued in the future. Given the base of this car, BMW, namely the X3, will still maintain a conventional engine side by side with its electric car, which may use the name iX3.

BMW likely to build a ‘New Class’ platform model using electric drive by 2025.