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BMW Introduce color-changing exterior technology at the touch of a button

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BMW launched a concept car that is quite unique and sophisticated. Imagine, the body of this car can change color automatically and can adjust the feelings of the car owner’s heart.

Reporting from Carscoops, BMW launched the iX concept electric car at the 2022 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) technology exhibition which was held in Las Vegas, United States. At first glance, the design of this BMW EV car is nothing special

BMW carries the name of the concept car, namely the iX Flow E Ink, where the color of the car body can change automatically. The company claims this is the first and latest technology in the automotive industry.

Later, the color of the car can change from white to gray to black. The color that can change only needs to be pressed with one button and the color of the car body changes in an instant.

This changeable color uses electrophoresis technology. When activated, different colors will appear to the surface through an electrical signal, so that the color of the car body immediately changes. BMW claims that changing the color of the car body will not drain a lot of battery power so it is guaranteed to be safe.

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This color changing car body is quite effective when used in certain weather conditions. For example in summer, a black car can absorb more light so it can be changed to white. Then in winter, the color of the car can be changed to black.

“There will be even more blending of the real and the virtual. With the BMW iX Flow E Ink, we are trying to bring a car to life. A technology that changes the color of the vehicle’s exterior at the touch of a button,” said Frank Weber, BMW’s Head of Development.

Unfortunately, the German manufacturer released this concept car only for research and development. So, in the near future it will not be officially launched to the public.

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The BMW iX Flow E Ink, which looks like a chameleon because it can change color, has also been widely discussed on a number of social media. This has attracted a number of netizens as they can’t believe a car can change color in an instant.

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