Friday, July 12, 2024

Audi Ceases e-tron GT Sales in China, Shifts Focus to Local Models

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Audi has announced the discontinuation of its e-tron GT model in China, aligning with a strategic shift towards locally produced vehicles tailored for Chinese consumers. This decision underscores Audi’s commitment to optimizing its product lineup to better meet market demands.

The e-tron GT, previously hailed as Audi’s flagship electric vehicle, was manufactured at the Böllinger Höfe plant in Neckarsulm, Germany. Despite its status, sales in China remained modest, with only 188 units sold since late 2022, according to JPW Asia.

Introduced with high expectations, the RS e-tron GT debuted in late 2022 at a starting price of around EUR 186,500, followed by the standard e-tron GT in August 2023 starting at EUR 127,000. However, these models failed to achieve anticipated sales figures, prompting Audi’s decision to withdraw them from the Chinese market.

Moving forward, Audi plans to focus on its PPE platform models in China, beginning with the Q6L e-tron, tailored as a long-wheelbase version specifically designed for Chinese consumers. Future releases like the A6 e-tron and the MEB-based Q5 e-tron are also part of Audi’s strategy to expand its electric vehicle offerings in the region.

Audi remains committed to its partnership with SAIC Motor Corporation, aiming to develop new electric vehicles tailored to Chinese market preferences. This strategic adjustment reflects Audi’s ongoing efforts to adapt and grow in one of its key global markets.

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