Saturday, July 13, 2024

All-electric Lexus LFA *might* get a manual transmission

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It seems that all electric cars that are released will certainly use automatic transmissions compared to manuals.

Seeing this phenomenon, Lexus International President, Koji Sato said that Lexus engineers are currently experimenting with placing a manual gearbox in the upcoming LFA EV.

Yes, you read that right. Koji Sato really wanted to find a way to give the EV supercar a stick shifter to make a more satisfying impression for manual transmission lovers.

“Manual is my hobby, and I know it’s not easy. I want to provide a connection between the car and the passenger via gear shift, and it’s not just about efficiency. I like manual cars and wanted something different,” said Sato.

Generally EVs do not use multi-gear transmissions, as they are efficient over a wide rev range and can produce maximum torque from zero rpm. For example, the Tesla Model S Plaid electric motor can spin up to 20,000 rpm in single gear and allow the car to accelerate in no time.

Sato said that the manual transmission system on the LFA EV would be a great differentiator for the car. Sato was also aware that the technology would take time to develop, and could not be rushed. However, the idea is an innovation that makes electric supercars look more alive and fun to drive.

Lexus said that the LFA EV prototype they are developing has a steering range of 700 km in one charge. This can be achieved thanks to the use of a smaller solid-state battery with extraordinary power.

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