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Aehra targets the production of electric vehicles from 2025 with a capacity of 25,000 units annually

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Recently, a new Italian brand, AEHRA revealed that it will launch its first EV vehicle which is planned to start production in the first quarter of 2025.

“We are not an automotive company. We are an energy transition company. These cars will look like no other. We didn’t see anyone doing what we did. We are researching whether electric vehicles should continue to look like what other brands have produced,” said Hazim Nada, CEO and Co-Founder of Aehra Company.

Last month, Aehra released several design drawings of its SUV with an aerodynamic architectural design that uses ultra-light carbon to reduce vehicle weight, which in turn improves battery life. In addition to SUVs, the Company is also developing another luxury EV vehicle, namely the Aehra, an electric sedan type.

The CEO revealed that the company’s confidence in pushing its products to show off because no company has yet taken the initiative to assist in the manufacture of local electric vehicles.

In this case, the company will not manufacture its own vehicles, but will rely on European partners and contract manufacturers. Lamborghini’s former Chief Designer, Filippo Perini, is the Chief Design Officer of AEHRA, while Stefano Mazzetti of Ferrari will be in charge of purchasing and procurement at AEHRA.

“Perhaps the biggest challenge is not only competing with EV manufacturers like Lucid, Tesla, Rivian, and NamX, but also the challenge that afflicts every startup startup, namely the challenge of securing material suppliers as an untested brand,” said Nada.

Additionally, according to Nada, many end-customers struggle with network connections with very low wattage, which makes charging at home even more difficult. Therefore, the release of AEHRA should coincide with the massive expansion of private and public charging networks.

However, AEHRA is focused on the luxury market and intends to launch more affordable vehicles in the future. Its 800 km battery range holds up well against the competition.

AEHRA plans to produce 25,000 vehicles annually. Production will begin in the first quarter of 2025, and the vehicles are expected to be delivered directly to first customers by mid-2025. If AEHRA is successful, it will change the Italian automotive landscape forever.

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