Acoustic comfort becomes the number one performance attribute for EV

Bike vs car - Acoustic comfort becomes the number one performance attribute for EV

It can be defined as a state in which a person is able to exist as efficiently as possible, regardless of whether he is resting or working. In such an environment, rest becomes better, and work more productive. At the same time, the state of acoustic comfort for each specific case is characterized by certain values ​​of the sound level. All his life a person lives in the world of sounds of different intensity. Along with the undeniable necessity and usefulness, some of them are even capable of causing harm.

Background noise in the daily activities of a person has a direct impact on the psychological state of people. According to the Wall Street Journal and the Independent newspapers, the experiments with reproduction of classical music or playback of bird singing in public places – reduced the level of criminal cases by 15-33%.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), prolonged exposure to high levels of environmental noise such as traffic exceeding 53 decibels (dB) can lead to adverse health effects such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hearing loss and even heart attacks. Noise levels in big cities average 76 dB – almost four times louder than those recommended by the WHO. Noise at these levels has been scientifically proven to affect the health of city dwellers over time and is equivalent to the noise of a ringing alarm clock (about 80-90 dB).

People are not predisposition to the long and loud noise of the urban type. The physical condition of people living in dense megalopolis worsens much faster than in the rural areas. The press release of Environmental Protection UK for 2009 recorded that 3% of the cardiac arrests in Germany were caused by road traffic noise.

Background noise affects human emotions. The soothing sounds of the ocean waves, sounding in a cycle on average 12 times per minute – have the same frequency that the breath of the sleeping person, while the sound of a messy road traffic that is constantly changing in the dynamics, volume and knocking down concentration – causes irritation.

Over the past 2 years, the world has become even more stressed, vulnerabilities in the psyche have been revealed and more anxious people have appeared. Music, sound compositions and the reduction of noise pollution will help people establish a harmonious state.

THOR team with their sound designers take into account all these nuances and create sound packages for THOR AVAS (acoustic vehicle alerting system), subject to all data on sound frequencies that a person can hear.

Sound design is a creative activity aimed at sound for audiovisual projects. Such as silent and seemingly safe .

Taking into account the existing rules No. 138 regarding the sound of AVAS systems for electric cars adopted by the EU, the THOR AVAS system works in full compliance with them. In addition to electric cars, the project also helps to make micromobile transport sound, which is gaining immense popularity in modern cities.

THOR smart sound solution consists of proprietary engineering block, electronic module, and . There is a 3.5-inch speaker provided for electric cars and mopeds. The soundtracks can be chosen via mobile application.

The company’s project is aimed at improving the acoustic ecology, at maintaining safe traffic and human conditions, in which there will be more joy and positive thoughts.