Toyota bZ SDN electric sedan design leaked in patent images

in December 2021 announced a line of electric cars that will be launched in the near future. In addition, the bZ is also on display, which is available in various forms.

First, Toyota has launched the bZ4X, an SUV-style electric car. In the near future, its brother, the bZ SDN electric , will also be released soon. This can be seen from the outstanding images and prototypes that have been tested in China.

Quoted from, the bZ SDN in the patent image is almost the same as the on display. The difference can be seen in the model of the mirrors and door handles that are not flush or flush with the body.

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In addition, the front bumper model is also slightly changed. On the concept car, there is a line stretching from the side intakes to the headlights, but in the patent version that section no longer connects.

For other components, it looks similar to the concept model. Call it the large LED headlights that connect from left to right, similar to those of its released brother, the bZ4X.

Since the launch of the concept in December 2021, there hasn’t been much information circulating about the specifications of the bZ SDN. However, it is said that the BZ SDN is a medium sedan that is suitable to be the first vehicle.

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Based on the leaked specifications, the bZ SDN will have between the Corolla and Camry. However, the advantage of the BZ SDN over the two Toyota sedans is its long wheelbase, which is 2,880 mm.

bZ SDN is expected to start production in 2022. It is not yet reported that the bZ SDN will be sold outside China where the country is the main market for electric sedan models and segments.

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