Battery Production of Tomorrow

Frankfurt, Germany

On 4th and 5th of October 2022, the accompanying research for battery production led by VDI/VDE-IT and the division battery production of the VDMA invite the European battery community to a networking event with the focus on tormorrow’s battery production.

Basics of electromobility


The seminar teaches the basics of the functioning and construction of an electric vehicle. The webinar participants learn about the individual, typical components of an electric vehicle and how these must be coordinated with each other. One focus of the seminar is the introduction to battery technology, as this component is crucial for the dimensioning […]

High voltage batteries in electromobility


The use of lithium batteries in electromobility is currently growing rapidly. The seminar provides participants with a comprehensive insight into the fundamentals of lithium batteries for applications in electromobility. Starting with the functional principle of a lithium-ion cell, participants will understand the structure of a complete battery system. Furthermore, participants are able to understand manufacturing […]

Power electronics in electromobility


The intention of power electronics is the transformation of electrical energy with the help of switching elements (MOSFETs, IGBTs…). Power electronics is becoming increasingly important due to electromobility and the use of renewable energies. In the first section of the course, the focus is on the energy storage devices, switching elements and basic circuits used […]

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