2nd Annual Electrification and Battery Innovations Summit


The upcoming B2B event will bring together various stakeholders to discuss cutting-edge electrification and batteries advancements in engineering, data, architectures that can enhance and change the industry, their contribution to the practical applications staying competitive in that area, and meeting the customers’ needs. Being involved in such a summit is a great opportunity to get […]

NIO Berlin 2022


NIO will hold NIO Berlin 2022, its European launch event, in Berlin on October 7. Themed "A New Horizon", the event will be live-streamed globally at 18:00 Central European Time. "The horizon stands for hope and a brighter tomorrow. It is a symbol of exploring new possibilities in our life." said William Li, founder, chairman […]

NME- Next Mobility Exhibition


Full electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, digital and AI applications tailor-made for public transport, sharing, up to the futuristic scenarios of air taxis: people’s mobility is profoundly changing and it does so with two main objectives, efficiency and sustainability. At NME it will be held the award-giving ceremony for the Sustainable Bus Awards 2023. Many bus manufacturers will […]

9th Symposium Emobility

Belgrade, Serbia

The 9th Symposium on e-mobility will be attended by representatives of more than 10 countries. This will be the largest regional conference in the field of e-mobility.

EV Auto Show

Faisaliah Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

EV Auto Show will take place in Al Faisaliah Riyadh Saudi Arabia from 01 to 03 of November 2022. The aim of the exhibition is to promote electric mobility and also to unite the leading stakeholders and decision-makers in the EV Sector. The event will give exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their Electric Vehicles, Innovative […]

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